Editorial Board

Rajendra Badgaiyan

Chairperson, Department of Psychiatry, MetroHealth System, MetroHealth Dr. Cleveland, OH, USA
E-mail:  badgaiyan(at)gmail.com

Kenneth Blum

Department of Psychiatry, Western University College of Medicine, Pomona, CA, USA
E-mail: drd2gene(at)aol.com

Editorial Board Members

Mark S. Gold University of Florida, USA
E-mail: drmarkgold(at)gmail.com
Opiate Action; Dependence; Opiate Drugs; Cocaine
Igor Elman Harvard Medical School, USA

E-mail: ielman(at)challiance.org

Cocaine; Opioid; Behavioral Addiction; Gambling Disorder; Comorbidity
Panayotis K. Thanos Research Institute on Addictions at University at Buffalo,USA

E-mail: Pthanos(at)ria.buffalo.edu

Alcohol; Dopamine D2; Obesity; Cocaine; Cannabis; Neuroimaging
David Baron Keck School of Medicine of USC, USA

E-mail: Pthanos(at)ria.buffalo.edu

Global MH Public Literacy; Exercise; Psychiatry; Neuropsych aspects of Repetitive mTBI